Karimah Mickens Webber, Chairperson

Karimah is a Hamden business owner with over 20 years of project management experience. She is a community leader focused on social justice and community engagement. Karimah is devoted to amplifying the voice and voting power of people of color and eliminating the fundraising challenges community members may face when running for local and state office.

Lamara Russell, Treasurer

LaMara is a proud native and resident of New Haven. She has over 10 years experience in audit, financial budgeting and performance management. The primary focus of her community involvement has always been to increase awareness and educate community members to strengthen solidarity amongst people of color. LaMara is dedicated to the expansion of our democracy by building political power in the New Haven and Hamden communities.

Keisha Redd Hannans, Secretary

Keisha is a Hamden resident with strong roots in New Haven. She is an educator with over 20 years of experience and she has committed herself to closing the opportunity gap for children. Keisha believes that a zip code does not define a person’s destiny and has dedicated herself to seeking opportunities to uplift the community. 

Pia Gero, Assistant Treasurer

Pia is a New Haven Business Owner with over 30 years of experience in Manufacturing Engineering and Operations Management.  In her Corporate Leadership roles, Pia’s focus was on sustaining US Based Manufacturing and advocating strongly for a living wage.  Pia continues her passion for the creation of economic wealth through initiatives that support affordable home ownership in our communities.

Karen DuBois-Walton, Member

An active New Haven resident, Karen has been involved in local and statewide activism for over 20 years focusing on building communities of choice in the New Haven community. Trained as a clinical psychologist, her focus has been on the development of quality affordable housing and development of healthy communities. Additionally, she devotes her time to developing community leaders and creating equitable and inclusive organizations. Karen’s passion is ending the patterns of segregation in our State and creating greater pathways of opportunity for all residents.

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