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All residents of New Haven and Hamden are represented by a Mayor, an Alder or Legislative Council Member, a State Representative, A State Senator, a US Representative and two US Senators.  They are elected to represent you.  You increase your political power when you contact your elected officials and let them know about your concerns and how they can better serve you. Call, write a letter or email your elected officials.  







Each neighborhood is represented by a local legislative official.  In Hamden the members of the Legislative Council are Council Members.  In New Haven, the members of the Board of Alders are called Alders.  These elected officials pass ordinances in your community, deal with zoning and land use issues, pass the city/town budget and more.  


To find your Alder or Council Member click here:

All Board of Alder and Legislative Council meetings are open to the public. 













You are represented in Hartford in the CT House of Representative and CT Senate by a State Representative and State Senator.  These elected officials pass the laws that govern the State of CT.  They determine the State budget which determines how much money the State dedicates to Hamden and New Haven.  


To find your State Representative and Senator click here:


You are represented in Washington DC by a Congressperson and two US Senators. Hamden and New Haven are represented by Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro and Senator Richard Blumenthal and Senator Christopher Murphy.  They split their time in CT and DC representing the needs of CT at the federal level. They pass the laws that govern the United States and pass the federal budget that determines how much federal money comes to CT. 

Visit the The Office of Secretary of the State Denise W. Merrill, Connecticut for more information.

Hamden Mayor - Curt Leng

Click here to learn more about Mayor Leng

To contact him call 203-287-7100


New Haven Mayor - Justin Elicker

Click here to learn more about Mayor Elicker

To contact him call (203) 946-8200

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