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Ella’s Fund is a State of Connecticut formed PAC established to empower and lift the voice of the Black Community and to support the anti-racism movement in the Town of Hamden and City of New Haven, CT.

Established in 2020 by engaged community members from both municipalities and inspired by the visionary leadership style of Civil Rights Activist, Ms. Ella Baker, Ella’s Fund is rooted in the beliefs that “we who believe in freedom shall not rest” and “give light and the people will find a way”. 

Ella’s Fund raises money and supports political advocacy in the Black communities of Hamden, CT and New Haven, CT through local and statewide efforts that include:

In this moment in our community, there is much that must be done. We believe in the building of collective power and political organizing.  We are committed to centering the voices of the Black community in any dialogue around matters that impact us.

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